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Learn about the Robert Taylor profesional Grant

Grand Prize:
Second Prize:
Application Fee:
Application Deadline:
March 23rd, 2015
Winner Announcement:
April, 2015

Must be a cur­rent AIGA Colorado mem­ber

College students from around Colorado will submit their entries again this year to be selected for an interview process as the AIGA Board searches for the 2015 Robert Taylor AIGA CO recipient.

In 2008, AIGA CO Scholarship was created to help young designers who are enrolled in an accred­ited col­lege design pro­gram by pro­vid­ing a $1,500 schol­ar­ship, and the newest ver­sion of Adobe Creative Suite. Today AIGA CO offers a $1500 and $500 schol­ar­ship and a one year sub­scrip­tion to Adobe Creative Cloud. The win­ners of the schol­ar­ship should demon­strate lead­er­ship within the design com­mu­nity as well as out­stand­ing work in the field of design.

AIGA announced in 2010 the renam­ing of the schol­ar­ship to the Robert Taylor AIGA CO. Scholarship in honor of the late Robert W. Taylor, whose designs, lead­er­ship and com­mit­ment to the design com­mu­nity fueled inspi­ra­tion and advanc­ed design in Denver. Mr. Taylor was an AIGA Colorado Fellow Award Recipient, and served on the Board of Directors for AIGA and ADCD, and served on the Advisory Board for AIGA Colorado.

Our past win­ners include: Kalene Thompson (2009), Mia Huang (2010), Stephanie Gibson (2011), Samantha Kogle (2012), Gustavo Esquinca (2013), and Shruthi Manjula Balakrishna (2014). These young design­ers have all demon­strated their inno­va­tion, cre­ativ­ity, pas­sion and lead­er­ship in design as a practice.

Apply for 2015 Robert Taylor Scholarship

For other inquiries regard­ing the Robert Taylor AIGA CO Scholarship, please con­tact Cindy Sewick, AIGA Colorado’s Scholarship Chair.